Open call for DIPG research funded by Stichting Semmy

Call for grant applications focusing on preclinical brain tumor research (DIPG research in particular) sponsored by Stichting Semmy, the foundation focusing on brainstem tumors since 17 October 2007, based in Weesp, The Netherlands.

Specific conditions:
◾The duration of the research project is normally max 4 years
◾Preferably a PhD project
◾The budget to be applied for is max € 500,000
◾The requested project and budget must be specified as per below topics at least
◾The project leader must be appointed at the Princess Maxima Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The application will cover:
◾CV and background Project leader(s)
◾Reasoning why this type of cancer and this study is choosen
◾Project duration incl. provisional start date
◾Suggested reviewer(s)
◾Project Summary
◾Project background
◾Project aim(s)
◾Plan of investigation
◾Expected results
◾Relevance and translation for brain cancer
◾Relevant collaborations

Deadline for submitting the call is the first of 31 December 2018. Stichting Semmy strives to complete the assessment procedure within three months. Stichting Semmy will sent eligible applications to two or three independent reviewers for ranking. Based on the quality of the applications up to two applications can be funded.

I you have further question, please send us an email via