Wendy van Dijk
“Hope is life”
The thought that children are deprived of
getting better is unbearable.
We need to do something about this!

About Semmy Foundation

Semmy Foundation’s mission is to prolong the life expectation and outcome for kids with a brainstem tumor (brainstem glioma) through scientific research. Every year the Semmy Foundation donates € 300,000 for scientific research to VUmc, University Medical Center Amsterdam. How can you support us? Click here!


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Why research?

Due to the location of the tumor, in the brain stem, absolutely nothing can be done to date to treat it. The brain stem is situated between the brain and the spinal cord and regulates vital functions. It is not possible to operate on the brain stem and chemotherapy barely reaches the tumor located there. More info on the VONK-SEMMY research, click here.



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Latest news

Open call for DIPG research funded by Stichting Semmy

Call for grant applications focusing on preclinical brain tumor research (DIPG research in particular) sponsored by Stichting Semmy, the foundation focusing on brainstem tumors since 17 October 2007, based in Weesp, The Netherlands.

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DIPG Registry's first major scientific article is now published

In January the SIOPE DIPG Registry in Europe was published in the Journal of Neuro-Oncology. The SIOPE DIPG Network form an international network and research infrastructure for DIPG. Through collaboration we can speed up the pace of research and make larger strides towards developing new therapies. You can read their article here: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11060-016-2363-y

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tijn's action is also raising awareness for our foundation

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A terminally ill Dutch six-year-old, who hoped to raise a few hundred euros for other sick children by daring people to paint their nails in garish colours, had raised more than 1.27 million euros (S$1.92 million) by Friday (Dec 23).

Tijn Kolsteren, who was diagnosed with brain stem cancer (DIPG) in May, launched the appeal only two days ago but it has quickly fired the imagination of the Dutch public who had donated more than 1.27 million euros at the last count.

“Paint your nails, make a donation and then challenge three of your friends to do the same,” dares the donation page, which invites participants to share their pictures on social media using the hashtag #lakaan (meaning “the polish is on”).

“Most poor children diagnosed with pneumonia don’t live until the age of five,” said the young boy on the site. “That’s why we have to put up a fight.”

Celebrities, politicians, presenters and actors have been among thousands of people who have posted pictures of their painted nails online.

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Why Stichting Semmy?

Every year about 125 children in the Netherlands are confronted with a brain tumor. Approximately 15% of brain tumors in children is a brainstem tumor (DIPG / pons glioma), about 18 cases per year. The survival rate of a brain tumor is in fact almost 0% after diagnosis with a life expectancy of 2 to 12 months. Stichting Semmy (Semmy Foundation) is funding the VUmc research VONK-SEMMY.

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