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"While there is hope, there is life"

About Semmy Foundation

Semmy Foundation’s mission is to prolong the life expectation and outcome for kids with a brainstem tumor (brainstem glioma) through scientific research. Every year the Semmy Foundation donates € 300,000 for scientific research to VUmc, University Medical Center Amsterdam. How can you support us? Click here!


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Why research?

Due to the location of the tumor, in the brain stem, absolutely nothing can be done to date to treat it. The brain stem is situated between the brain and the spinal cord and regulates vital functions. It is not possible to operate on the brain stem and chemotherapy barely reaches the tumor located there. More info on the VONK-SEMMY research, click here.



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Latest news

Run4Semmy - join us!

On October 18 the eight Run4Semmy event will take place. As always, the run is part of the 8-km distance of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. But if you want to take it to the next level, feel free to participate in the half or full marathon for Semmy. 😉

Your sponsors can support you per kilometer, a fixed amount for the full distance or just donate a random amount, irrespective of your achievement. All gifts are much welcomed. If you have participated before, please be aware that it might harder to find sponsors than last time. We assume everyone will do the best they can in this respect.

If this is your first time in Run4Semmy, make sure your fundraising target is at least € 250,-, on top of the € 25.00 registration fee. More info & registration form on the webpage: http://www.pontineglioma.com/run4semmy-2/

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Step4Semmy - join us!

Scooter on Sunday, 4 October 2015 and go twenty times up the Cauberg (South Limburg) in support of Stichting Semmy.

The Cauberg is to be scootered up using professional foot bikes or push scooters. The distance to the summit of the Cauberg is 1450 meters, giving a total distance of 58 km.

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Why Stichting Semmy?

Every year about 125 children in the Netherlands are confronted with a brain tumor. Approximately 15% of brain tumors in children is a brainstem tumor (DIPG / pons glioma), about 18 cases per year. The survival rate of a brain tumor is in fact almost 0% after diagnosis with a life expectancy of 2 to 12 months. Stichting Semmy (Semmy Foundation) is funding the VUmc research VONK-SEMMY.

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